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DEAD CLAN will be returning soon ty
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be back asap

Damon Mist, Oct 12, 10 9:49 PM.
see everyone when i get back online after the move - will be bout a week or 2 hopefully it wont take that long
packing truck all day tomorrow will be heading out 5am wensday morning 15hr drive

Welcome a New Brother

Samara Mist, Oct 4, 10 10:39 PM.

Here we are siting at the table talkin and drinking.

"Then Damon stands up *call to Order brothers* we have a Prospect to vote on Names John

what say ya."

 "Nice we got the vote on a New brother tonite they all say I , and next thing we know Damon gets up and walk's over to the door and screams Prospect John get in here .

John walks in and Damon throws him  a new set of Rag with Full patched rockers..

"Damon say welcome brother "everyone cheers .

So Welcome to the Hounds Our new Brother in arms John Mccoy a true outlaw in r books!!

Don't have a bike yet?

Samara Mist, Oct 3, 10 9:10 PM.
Don't have a bike yet? We'll make you one, if you have the mats.or you can buy one right out of Club bank our club bike builder is working hard!"

Site news

Xitic1205, Sep 21, 10 7:41 PM.
Im Still working on the majority of the site and most features and options are now working. I still have a little bit to tweak , but for the most part it aint done yet lol. Feel free to start using the site, and try out the new features. If you run into any problems or errors, be sure to let me know.


Xitic1205, Sep 21, 10 4:19 PM.
The Hounds is an a official Role-Playing 1%er Motorcycle Club.
Opening Prospecting here in FE

We are a brotherhood of Men & Women.We wish to inform our Brothers & Sisters
of the wastlands. we are looking to add new prospects to the club.
focusing on all aspects of Fallen Earth including solo and group PVE,PVP,
Crafting, and Faction warfare.

We would like to welcome all players, play style, faction preference or level.
As a club we offer helpful advice,leveling guides,character builds,free crafting support,regular club events and group mission help,and access to club gear.

we are an RP club.In addition, we know there are alot of Hardcore RP clubs out there.
If you are new to Fallen Earth, or even experienced player looking for a solid brotherhood to call your own, contact any of the following players in game,or leave a reply here and we will get back to you or at our website.

New members (Prospects) must pass a probationary period, before becoming fully patched club member.

Samara Mist/Damon Mist: Chapter President
Liaca: Chapter Vice President / recruiter
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